Brief Review on Stingray City Grand Cayman

You can find Stingray City in the North Sound area if the beautiful Grand Cayman On any of the three Cayman Islands, the most popular attraction is in fact Stingray City. Many travelers refer to it as a tourist trap, that being said, if you have ever had the privilege of casting Stingray City, Grand Cayman you may agree that it is definitely worth it.

Although called Stingray City, Grand Cayman the “city” in itself is actually made up of only a very shallow sandbar which is inhabited by the amazing Atlantic Southern stingrays. This provides that perfect location in which visitors are able to interact with and feed these amazing sea animals. George’s Watersports is a company in the Caymans that offers these tours, they are linked below:

Those who have been able to enjoy this experience report that it was amazing, completely safe and much fun. If visiting however it is very important for your safety as well as the well-being of the lovely stingrays, that you adhere to the guidelines which are set out by the instructors and tour guides.

There are quite a few ways in which you can enjoy and explore Stingray City Grand Cayman. Perhaps a scuba trip, it will have to be without fins, this is to protect the stingrays, a snorkeling trip is another excellent option as well as from a glass bottom boat. There are quite a few diving companies which sponsor the trips into Stingray City, Grand Cayman. Some of the popular choices are Stingray City Trips. The prices for these excursion will vary depending on the tour company that is chosen.

When planning a trip to Stingray City Grand Cayman, the best times to visit would be between the months of March and June, this would mean that hotel rates would have dropped. The great thing is that in Stingray City, Grand Cayman, you can expect warm weather the entire year round, the average highs generally stay in the eighties.

The coolest months in Stingray City, Grand Cayman are January and February, during these months you can expect lows in the high sixties. Throughout the months of May and into November you can expect some rain although it will only last a few hours at a time. Regardless of the season in which you decide to visit, one thing is certain; it is an experience that you will enjoy and the memories will last for a lifetime.

Why Are The Cayman Islands So Great For Business?

For most people, the Cayman Islands are simply a warm, tropical vacation destination, safe from most of the political turmoil and social instability of many other tropical destinations. Whether they’re looking to feed stingrays or go surfing, there is much to do for people visiting the Cayman Islands. However, for many business people, the Cayman Islands are also a unique business environment that more and more companies and private individuals are using for a wide range of financial purposes, most famously banking services. Because providing these banking services is around half of the Cayman Islands’ entire economy, keeping these individuals and companies doing business with the islands is of the utmost interest to the local government.

The main attraction of financial services in the Cayman Islands is that the islands are entirely tax-exempt. The exact reasoning for this is somewhat unclear, though it has proven a valuable asset to the islands with the rise of modern finance. In February of 1794, the people of the Cayman Island rescued the crews of ten merchant ships after they struck a reef and ran aground during a period of rough seas. Through a great combined effort of local people, most of the men of these crews were rescued. Local legend holds that King George III’s reaction to this great feat of marine survival and local heroism was to promise the people of the islands that he would never introduce taxes to them to compensate them for their generosity. This was because one of the ten ships carried a member of the King’s family. Though this story is not true, it is true that the Cayman Islands are a tax-exempt place for anyone to do business.

While this certainly makes it a popular tourist destination so travelers can get more from their vacation budget, it is also true that the tax exempt nature of commerce has led many businesses and private individuals to use Cayman Islands banks to do a great deal of their banking and investment work in order to realize a maximum profit without being charged taxes. Though the nature of international finance does require many businesses and private individuals all over the world to do a sizable amount of their financial work in their countries of origin, services that can legally be transferred to overseas financial groups often find themselves sent to the Cayman Islands to minimize the lost of profit to taxation requirements.